Early Childhood Supports (Age 0-7)

Early Childhood Support Workers (ECS)

Are you worried about a little one?
Do they have trouble talking, moving, playing, eating sleeping or toileting?
Do they experience big emotions or have a hard time learning?  

The ECS team at Kimberley Supports helps children aged 0 – 7 and their families who require help to learn, grow and develop.

They do this by working with you to understand your child’s needs; looking at their past records and reports; offering recommendations, therapy and supports that may help you; and then work with you to get your child the help they need to thrive.

Family Support Workers (FSW)

Family Support Workers work with families that have children from age 0-7 years. They are here to help individuals, family groups and the community understand information given by the Early Childhood Supports team and to navigate the services and support that is available to them.

The Team


We help your child improve their movements, balance, coordination and strength.


East Kimberley
ecseastphysio@kamsc.org.au (Sue Lawrence)

Speech Therapist

We help your child with their talking, reading, eating and drinking.


West Kimberley claire.thistleton@kamsc.org.au

East Kimberley


Occupational Therapist (OT)

We help your child increase their independence in self-care, play and learning.  


West Kimberley tyra.curley@kamsc.org.au naja.willksch@kamsc.org.au

East Kimberley madi.sippel@kamsc.org.au

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